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We have been fortunate to have outside programs come on site to offer our preschoolers an opportunity to experience a variety of activities. Parents like the convenience of the onsite programs. Children like the familiarity of the building and classmates. If you would like your child to experience new activities, why not give one of these classes a try? Demo classes are offered for most so your children can get a "feel" for the class. These classes are optional, there is no obligation to join.


For 3 and 4 year olds

Contact: Vanessa


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This is a class for the child who loves to explore being creative in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Children will explore mix media art through use of recycled materials, clay, articles of nature, sewing components and more. Literacy and art may be included. The program allows for growth in hand eye cordination, problem solving, creativity. self expression, sensory, threading, sorting, counting, gluing, cutting, color and FUN! **


Unless rain- classes will take place outside! Inside will aim for spaced seating and masks. Each child will get their own art tools.

Kinderbox photo.jpg

HappyFeet Soccer:

Innovative and Unique Soccer Program 

For 3 and 4 year olds

Contact: Nan  

Office: (914) 401-1720


HappyFeet, Located in Yorktown, NY, is the most innovative age-appropriate and fun introduction to soccer skills anywhere! HappyFeet is a new & exciting mobile soccer clinic for children ages 2 - 6. Using their proven, fun "story time with a soccer ball" approach.  They're committed to helping children form healthy exercise habits using the world's most popular game, soccer!

Challenge Islan.jpg

Challenge Island

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math ...Oh My!!! 

For 4 year olds


Challenge Island is a one-of-a-kind enrichment program on the cutting edge of STEAM education. We introduce preschoolers to the wonders of science, the thrill of engineering and joy of creative thinking. Students visit ‘islands’ where they work together in STEAM Teams creating, designing, building, learning and having a HUGE amount of fun! Each class is active, inter-active, exciting and totally hands-on and encourages the children to collaborate, communicate, think critically and build their creative skills. It’s screen-free and imagination powered fun! In fact, the music, the whimsy, the journeys to fantastic islands are so exciting to them they hardly notice all the meaty academic and life skills they are acquiring!


Yoga for Preschoolers
For 4 year olds

Contact: Robin Zuckerman


Children will be introduced to yoga in an imaginative and fun way. They will learn poses, have an opportunity to be creative and find their inner peace. Props will be used as well as fun songs, stories and puppets.


Yoga and mindfulness at such a young age is a gift as it enables children to learn necessary coping skills that will help them for life. They will benefit from body awareness, self regulation, an increase in self esteem, confidence, empathy and an overall sense of well being.


They will develop core strength, balance and flexibility. Classes taught by Robin Zuckerman, a certified school psychologist and child yoga instructor.

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